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JDMjunkies.BN Super Kits - Price updated!!

Working with various tuners, Red Line Oil developed convenient synthetic oil packages for the many of the world's most popular performance vehicles. Included in these kits are engine oil, transmission oil, gear oil for the differential, a bottle of WaterWetter and a bottle of SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner.

Each kit includes enough fluid for a complete oil swap (users must check vehicle specs for capacity to ensure against overfilling, as full quarts may provide more product than necessary). JDMjunkies.BN Oil Super Kits are now available for selected Auto Transmission Cars

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March 17, 2011

Toda Racing K-series Cam Package

Another 14 days till the promo ends...

Still available and up for grabs: (Normal: $2600, Offer: $2300)
1. Toda A2 Cams (good for street use)
2. Toda A3 Cams (good for highway)
-comes complete with Valve Spring and Chain Tensioner

Also in stock, Spoon Sports 2P Head Gasket for all K-series.. Thickness 0.45 (std 0.75).